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Our history, grey

Our Story

It all began with a personal experience had by Andreas Kern and ended up with Europe's leading online platform which provides trading strategies for all those who value smart investments.

Investment idea, teal

A new investment idea

The wikifolio story began with a personal experience had by Andreas Kern, Founder and CEO of wikifolio. His local bank recommended a particular financial product to him. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that since 1953, this product had generated fees but practically no return. From Kern's point of view, there must be a better solution. What could a financial product look like in the age of social media? Something that is no longer determined by the knowledge of just a few, but by collaboration, diversity, and transparency – therefore being easy to understand and to access by everyone?

The idea becomes a product, pear

From an idea to a product

And so, the wikifolio concept was developed: Anyone can implement and share their trading ideas in fully transparent virtual portfolios and interested parties can track their performance and invest in an uncomplicated way.

In 2012, went online. Lang and Schwarz went into partnership with wikifolio to become the issuers of wikifolio certificates. wikifolio certificates are now listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and can be traded at almost any bank.

Our partners, green

Our first partners

From the beginning, wikifolio has been accompanied by strong media and product partners and also brokers, including:, finanzen100,, comdirect, sBroker, Société Genéralé and many more.

Our Partners
Expansion, grey

Expansion to Austria and Switzerland

After a successful launch in Germany, wikifolio went online in Austria in 2013. In 2015, wikifolio entered the Swiss market and wikifolio certificates started to be listed on the BX Swiss. Since 2019, it has been possible to run wikifolios directly in Swiss francs.

wikifolio works, teal

It’s official: wikifolio works

Since 2015, wikifolio certificates have regularly been amongst the most traded products (by customer orders) in the segment index and participation certificates of the EUWAX.

In 2018, the wikifolio concept was analysed in a research project at University of Zurich. The results of this study shows: The cumulative return of wikifolio certificates with more than one million euros of invested capital is significantly above the overall market.

See Study (in German)
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