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Börse Online is a media partner of wikifolio and manages the media wikifolios "Börse Online Nebenwerte" and "Börse Online Wachstumswerte".

About Börse Online

Börse Online is an established investor magazine in Germany with a 35 year history. In the weekly print editions and on the online platform, the editorial team tries to support private investors in their investment decisions.

The investor magazine Börse Online offers fundamental analyses of markets and stocks, trading strategies, chart technology and trading models. In addition to independent and profound information for successful investment strategies, concrete investment recommendations are given and interviews and portraits of opinion leaders are presented. Current developments on the stock exchanges are commented on promptly and independently by Börse Online, and concrete recommendations are given.

Both the print magazine and the website primarily address private investors, but also institutional investors. Börse Online is published by Finanzen Verlag, which has been part of Börsenmedien AG since the end of 2021.

Börse Online & wikifolio

Growth times 4: Investing in shares is child's play - with the media wikifolios of Börse Online

Börse Online has been operating the media wikifolios Börse Online Nebenwerte and Börse Online Wachstumswerte as well as Börse Online Silicon Valley under the trader name BoerseOnline for many years.  In October 2020, the wikifolio Boerse Online Basiswerte was added.

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