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Logo is recommended media and broker partner of wikifolio in Switzerland.

About is the most visited business and finance portal in Switzerland with direct access to the financial market and is based in Zurich. The internet portal currently offers the shortest connection between financial information and trading. Information about money and financial topics in simplified form is available to users at all times. The goal is "To make the world of finance more accessible to everyone by seamlessly linking financial information with trading via the website and app."

The useful and clear financial portal not only provides customers with news on money, business and financial topics as well as stock market information, but also offers personal investment and pension advice as well as e-banking and bank account openings. All banking transactions are handled by Bank zweiplus AG and are protected by Swiss deposit insurance.

In addition, offers its customers a free app to stay up to date with news, stock quotes, videos and currency converters. If you want to learn more about the financial platform, read on & wikifolio is a recommended broker and media partner of wikifolio. The cooperation between and wikifolio enables users from Switzerland to directly access's e-banking and invest in wikifolio certificates. users can get an overview of the top wikifolios as well as detailed information on the individual wikifolios directly on the website.

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