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Finanzen100 is a media partner of wikifolio and one of the largest financial portals in Germany with its own stock market apps for smartphones and tablets.

About Finanzen100

Finanzen100 is one of the largest financial portals in Germany with a clear focus on investors and people interested in finance who like to get information via their smartphone or tablet. Finanzen100's stock market apps are among the most popular ones in the Apple and Google AppStores.

The mobile stock market apps offer their users a quick and convenient overview of the latest stock market information. Among other features, the mobile apps have the following functions: Display of real-time prices of the most important indices, currencies and commodities, current stock market and economic news from the most important sources worldwide, creation of easy-to-use and convenient sample portfolios and watch lists, notification of limit alerts and breaking news via push notification, quick search for all securities and news, and comprehensive chart analysis in the app.

These and many other features make the apps very interesting for all stock market enthusiasts. The Finanzen100 apps are free of charge and are constantly adapted to the newest versions of operating systems and further developed in terms of content. Finanzen100 is the exclusive stock market partner of FOCUS Online. FOCUS Online was founded in 2008 and has been fully owned by Burda since 2010.

Finanzen100 & wikifolio

The media cooperation with Finanzen100 ranges from integration in the stock market apps and website to joint trade fair events and communication measures.

As an innovation leader in its field, wikifolio's radically transparent data and information fit very well with the mobile offering of Finanzen100, one of the leading mobile financial information providers in Germany.

In Finanzen100's stock market apps, there is a dedicated wikifolio section with top lists, comments and trades. The wikifolio certificates get their own green Einzelwert views and provide the usual transparent insight into strategy, portfolio content, trades and comments of the wikifolio trader.

The Einzelwert views for securities are supplemented with information from the wikifolio community. Users can see on the Einzwelwert view of a stock in which wikifolios this security is traded and how the traders explain their trades.

With one click or touch, the user accesses the most successful wikifolio certificates that currently hold this single security in their portfolio. In addition, any investment in a wikifolio certificate is possible directly via connected online brokers.

For more information about the Finanzen100 app for iPhone, iPad or Android, please visit the Finanzen100 website.

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