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Logo Finanztreff is financial information and media partner of wikifolio.


With 240,000 unique users (according to AGOF internet facts 2021-11) and approx. 23 million page views per month, is one of the largest and most successful finance portals in Germany.

The portal offers fast and comprehensive information on all aspects of the stock market and finance, innovative tools for selecting and analyzing stocks, funds and structured investment products, as well as free watchlist and portfolio functions. GmbH is part of Kulmbacher Börsenmedien AG and develops, operates and markets the finance portal & wikifolio is financial information and media partner of wikifolio. For example, users have the opportunity to read relevant news and articles from wikifolio directly on

In addition, users will find a special wikifolio module in the single security view (e.g. stocks) on This displays a trading meter for the respective individual stocks and contains top wikifolios that have a certain weighting of the individual stock.

In addition, provides a webinar calendar where users can now discover wikifolio webinars.

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