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Guidants is a platform partner of wikifolio and the customizable analysis and trading platform of BörseGo AG.

About Guidants

Guidants is the customizable analysis and trading platform of BörseGo AG, the creators of the financial portal GodmodeTrader. Investors and traders can use it to observe the markets, analyse them from a chart and fundamental point of view and discuss them with experts and among themselves. Once the investment decision has been made, the user can trade directly via the multi-brokerage platform with the connected major German brokers.

The basic version of Guidants is free of charge and is intended to contribute to the democratisation of stock market information: anyone – from private investors to asset managers or financial advisors – can use the platform to act on the markets like a professional.

Guidants & wikifolio

The cooperation between Guidants and wikifolio enables Guidants users to obtain comprehensive information on wikifolios without having to leave the platform. At the same time, wikifolio users benefit from the wide range of analysis options on Guidants.

wikifolio has a partner desktop on the trading and analysis platform that is available to all Guidants users free of charge. At the heart of this desktop are various mini-programs - so-called widgets. The wikifolio widget, for example, provides users with extensive information about wikifolios that can be selected arbitrarily. The search widget allows sorting and filtering wikifolios according to certain criteria. For example, wikifolios can be found that are invested in a certain underlying. The wikifolio stream offers users exciting expert contributions and current information on wikifolio. Anyone who wants to invest in a wikifolio certificate can do so directly via Guidants with the brokers affiliated there.

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