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onvista is a media partner of wikifolio and enables its users to receive up-to-date information on wikifolios on

About onvista

When it comes to a reliable source for financial and stock market topics, has been convincing users for more than 20 years with its sophisticated and comprehensive range of products on stocks, funds, certificates, ETFs and other asset classes. With analyses, news and columns on all financially relevant topics and the latest developments in the stock market world, onvista users receive excellent support for their own investment decisions. 

The personalized my onvista area offers registered users free stock market tools for managing and analyzing their securities investments. For example, users can create their own sample portfolios and watch lists with notification functions, also via the onvista app.

The operator of the finance portal is onvista media GmbH. In April 2017, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of comdirect bank AG, which was merged with Commerzbank AG in November 2020.

onvista & wikifolio

As an early partner, who recognized the opportunities and possibilities of social trading and the resulting transparent financial products, a strong two-way integration of the portals has been made in the last years. On, for example, the most traded stocks on are displayed with a direct link from the individual security to the corresponding wikifolio trade. On you will be redirected to onvista if you want to have a closer look at a single security.

The wikifolio integrations on onvista help onvista users to quickly recognize trends and current market developments based on the trading transactions on This gives every onvista user the opportunity to learn and profit from the transactions and experiences of the wikifolio traders.

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