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AnlegerPlus is a German financial magazine. Editors of AnlegerPlus run several media wikifolios.


AnlegerPlus is a German financial magazine that focuses primarily on German and international stocks and funds with an emphasis on ETFs. The issues of AnlegerPlus are published ten times a year. In December, the annual issue AnlegerLand is also published, which, in addition to a review of the year ending in each case, also contains an outlook on the coming months. Between the respective issues, the AnlegerPlus News is published twelve times a year, in which current topics are discussed. The investment philosophy of the magazine is long term. The editors' analyses are based on a fundamental approach.

AnlegerPlus and AnlegerPlus News are the official publication organs of the SdK Schutzgemeinschaft der Kapitalanleger e.V. and stock exchange gazettes of the stock exchanges Berlin, Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart. 

AnlegerPlus & wikifolio

AnlegerPlus currently runs three media wikifolios, for which there is regular editorial coverage in the AnlegerPlus magazine. The two editors Alexander Geschwindner and Werner Rehmet run those media wikifolios. Both have several years of experience in the financial markets.

Discover the media wikifolios of AnlegerPlus and benefit from the detailed comments of the editors on the developments in the wikifolios AnlegerPlus ETF-Taktik Offensiv, AnlegerPlus ETF-Taktik Defensiv and AnlegerPlus MyDividends .

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