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Société Générale

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Société Générale is a product provider within the wikifolio investment universe.

About Société Générale

Société Générale is one of the world's largest issuers of derivatives and has been consistently active as a provider of warrants and certificates in Germany since 1989. 

With a large selection of underlyings of all asset classes (shares, indices, currencies, interest rates, commodities etc.) Société Générale convinces with one of the most extensive offers in the European certificate market and takes a leading position in the German field of leverage products. In addition to investment certificates such as reverse convertibles, discount, bonus and index certificates, the product range primarily includes leveraged products such as classic warrants, inline and turbo warrants as well as factor warrants. 

In order to provide investors with the best possible selection, the product range is adjusted to current market conditions on a daily basis. Furthermore, the offered market making, the personal support by the expert hotline as well as innovative tools for product search and price calculation ensure that investors are able to react quickly to current trends on the financial markets.

Société Générale & wikifolio

Société Générale provides wikifolio traders with over 160,000 products in the wikifolio investment universe. Among them exotic warrants - a further development of classic call and put warrants, such as inline warrants. More about Société Générale products available on can be found here.

With these products in the investment universe, the wikifolio offering becomes even more attractive for traders. They can be used especially in sideways markets or periods of high volatility. Or be used for hedging purposes.

Peter Bösenberg, Head of Public Distribution at Société Générale, describes the partnership by saying, "wikifolio, successful fintech company and market leader in social trading, and Société Générale, one of the world's largest providers of structured products, are a powerful combination. We look forward to the further development of our partnership."

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