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TraderFox is a platform partner of wikifolio and developer of a leading real-time exchange software for traders and investors.

About TraderFox

TraderFox is a specialist in the field of automatic chart pattern recognition, real-time signal generation and visualization of chart information. The company was founded by Simon Betschinger and Martin König in 2008 with the goal of developing the leading software solution for both traders and investors. At, TraderFox operates a browser-based trading desk that provides free real-time quotes on over 8,000 stocks and markets worldwide. A core feature is real-time signals on stocks that help traders find an entry point at the right moment.

In addition, they offer the Aktien-Screener, a solution that allows users to find targeted stocks based on a Morningstar database of over 15,000 stocks. The hit list is visualized in the form of various gallery views and thus enables an immediate decision on the success of the companies behind the stocks.

TraderFox & wikifolio

Via a specially created technical interface, it is possible to implement trading ideas on that are based on TraderFox's real-time stock market software. More precisely, the TraderFox product can be connected to wikifolio via interface. The software allows to create rule-based portfolio concepts for wikifolios. This gives both private and professional traders access to trading opportunities that were previously reserved primarily for a selected group of capital market experts.

Here you can find more information on how rule-based trading works for wikifolios. (in German language)

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