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TRENDLINK is a partner for theme wikifolios. Trend themes are bundled in theme wikifolios and can be purchased as wikifolio certificates.


TRENDLINK operates a social indexing platform. TRENDLINK and the users of the platform compile stocks and other securities on more than 750 future trends and assign them to trend indices. Investors can participate in the development of selected trends via the corresponding TRENDLINK wikifolio certificates.

On TRENDLINK you will find exciting future trends such as "aesthetic medicine", "autonomous driving" or even "augmented and virtual reality" and stocks that profit from a positive development of such topics. By classifying trend topics in value chains, upstream or downstream trends as well as related topics can be quickly identified.

Registered users can publish their own content free of charge, actively use the discussion forum and benefit from a free market letter published by TRENDLINK.

TRENDLINK & wikifolio

The theme wikifolios created by TRENDLINK combine stocks into groups that represent current trends. Through the cooperation of wikifolio and TRENDLINK, investors can participate in the performance of selected investment themes. The TRENDLINK wikifolio certificates based on the portfolios are oriented towards the respective trend index composition on Users can influence the index composition and report in their opinion missing stocks for each trend and thus actively participate in the composition of the TRENDLINK wikifolio certificates.

An overview of already issued wikifolio certificates can be found on the TRENDLINK website.

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