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Vontobel is a product provider within the wikifolio investment universe.

About Vontobel

Vontobel is a globally active investment house with Swiss roots, whose foundations were laid in Zurich back in 1924. Vontobel follows a client-centric digital business model, manages risks prudently and supports the development of its clients through its comprehensive service packages.

Structured products are Vontobel's speciality. Across Europe, but most particularly in Switzerland and Germany, Vontobel is one of the top providers of certificates, equity-linked bonds and leveraged products.

"We know that diversification across all asset classes makes a significant contribution to investment success. That is why we offer products in all asset classes. This allows investors to implement their individual market strategies on shares, indices, currencies, commodities or interest and cryptocurrencies in a targeted manner. Our efficient processes enable us to maintain our high product quality and to realise customers’ wishes quickly and competently."

Thanks to their expert knowledge, breaks in trends and also risks and opportunities are identified at an early stage, resulting in promising solutions being developed for investors. One point especially worth highlighting is their innovation and leadership in the field of cryptocurrencies - for example certificates and leverage products on Bitcoin and Ether - as well as in themed certificates.

Vontobel Digital Investing is the digital access point for private investors. Their online platforms and mobile apps turn investing into an experience. Whether you prefer to have your investments managed by experts or manage your portfolio of structured products yourself - both are possible with Vontobel Digital Investing.

Vontobel & wikifolio

Vontobel currently offers wikifolio traders around 130,000 products within the wikifolio investment universe.

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