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Green Vision, teal

Our vision: The democratisation of investment markets.

Profit from the most exciting trading strategies of others and maximise your financial potential. Simple, transparent, and directly through your bank account. Start smart with us.

Start smart

We believe that everyone should be able to invest in the capital market regardless of whether you have EUR 100 or 100,000 at your disposal and whether you have been involved with stocks for years or are just getting started now everyone should have access to the most exciting trading strategies.

Turn the trading strategies of others into your own

By investing in wikifolio certificates, you can replicate the trading ideas of wikifolio traders. Among them are for example full-time investors and successful entrepreneurs, as well as experts from different sectors, portfolio managers and financial editors. In the end, you achieve the same performance as they do.

Follow the latest investment trends

Whether you’re looking for high tech, hydropower, e-mobility, cyber security, or sustainability stocks, you will find wikifolios relating to nearly every investment topic. You too can profit from tracking the latest investment trends, or even stay ahead of the game.

Complete transparency

Investing should not be a well-kept secret. We feel you should have full access to information at all times. That’s why the trading idea of a wikifolio, the entire track record, as well as all Buys and Sells done by the trader can be viewed instantly at any time on Recent comments added by wikifolio traders explain how they are currently trading and why.

Simple and direct

Registering with wikifolio is free of charge and can be completed in a few short steps. Afterwards, you will have full access to all information relating to the wikifolios. Investing in wikifolio certificates can be done easily via the brokerage account at your bank.

For everyone

wikifolio is open to anyone who wants to profit from the capital markets irrespective of your investment background and whether you’re investing EUR 100 or 100,000.

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