Hottest Stocks in CW 01/22

Last week people traded for all it was worth on Find out here which stocks were bought and sold in particular large numbers and which motives were decisive for this.

Last week's hottest stocks - glasses with computer screen
Source: Kevin Ku,

Fear of Missing Out: Buying when prices rise

The "Fear of Missing Out" – FOMO for short – leads traders to buy stocks whose price has already risen significantly. This trading motive could be observed last week with LPKF Laser. After a long dry spell, the German technology company gave its investors a present one day before Christmas. On 23 December, Management announced that it has entered into a development agreement for a glass processing technology with one of the world's largest display companies. Since then, the stock has been rising and enjoys great popularity among wikifolio traders.

Trader Thomas Kernke (Investmentjunky), among others, received this gift. His comment: "We held on to our investment in LPKF Laser in 2021, despite a significant drop in the stock price. We are now being rewarded for our patience with a great development." The stock is currently weighted at 3.4 percent in his wikifolio Wachstum Gewinn Zukunft.

Buying the Dip: Buys when prices fall

The "buying the dip" trading motive is evident when traders buy falling stocks in the hope of a bottoming out – in other words, the imminent turnaround. This is what happened last week with the German small cap IBU-tec. The producer of industrial materials recently brought joy to investors with the start of production of its own battery material. Then, shortly before Christmas, the first production-relevant order arrived. Many wikifolio traders seem to be convinced by this company and were happy to take advantage of last week's dip.

Taking Profit: Selling when prices are rising

The motive of "taking profit" – that is, selling when prices are rising – could be observed last week at is the publicly traded parent company of a whole range of Australian retail and service companies since 2016, with annual revenues of 438.7 million Australian dollars at last count.

Jumping the Ship: Selling when prices are falling

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Ballard Power Systems -0,9% Riu Trading
2 FuelCell Energy -18,9% Riu Trading
3 Tilray -8,5% Value+
4 Zoom Video Communications -3,6% BlackBox
5 Microstrategy -7,1% TECHNOMATRIX

Selling when prices are falling – this is what characterizes the "Jumping the Ship" category. The same fate befell Ballard Power last week. The Canadian manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells looks back on a disappointing year on the stock market. The stock lost about 39 per cent of its value in 2021. Many wikifolio traders do not seem to believe that the security will change course in the new year and are therefore selling the stock.

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