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Hottest Stocks in CW 26/22

Last week people traded for all it was worth on Find out here which stocks were bought and sold in particular large numbers and which motives were decisive for this.

Last week's hottest stocks - charts, a magnifying glass, pens and glasses
Source: Anna Nekrashevich,

Fear of Missing Out: Buying when prices rise

‘Fear of missing out’ – or in short FOMO – is causing traders to purchase stocks which have already experienced significant price increases. This trading pattern could be observed with Zoom last week. The stocks of the software company rose by around 10 % week-on-week and landed in a whole range of wikifolios. Already at the beginning of June, Stefan Waldhauser (stwBoerse) bought shares in the video conferencing platform. He commented in his blog: "My theory is that Zoom can successfully evolve from a one-trick pony to an enterprise software vendor in the coming years due to its financial strength, and that Zoom stock is very attractively valued at the level of around $ 100 which it is currently at, after losing about 80 % of its price." The stock is currently weighted at 7.9 % in Waldhauser's wikifolio High-Tech Stock Picking.



Key Figures

  • +159.5 %
    since 2016-06-12
  • EUR 10,089,037.89
    Invested capital
  • +10.9 %
    Performance (1yr)
  • 24.3 %
    Volatility (1yr)
Ø-Perf. per year: 16,3 %

Buying the Dip: Buys when prices fall

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 voestalpine -10.34% Stockpicking Österreich
2 Umicore -13.84% Special Situations long/short
3 Fraport -5.94% Margenstarke Platzhirsche
4 Wacker Chemie -9.89% Tradingchancen deutsche Aktien
5 Metals X -10.63% Multi-Asset Allokation

The trading pattern ‘buying the dip’ is when traders buy falling stocks in the hope of a bottoming out - i.e. an imminent turnaround. This happened last week in the case of the Austrian steel manufacturer Voestalpine. The share price of the Linz-based group is currently down on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Above all, concerns about a potential breakdown in production in the event of a possible gas supply stoppage seem to be having a negative impact on the share price at present. The news that the company announced last week that it was currently filling its own gas storage facilities and would be able to maintain operations for several months in the event of an emergency was well received and the stocks promptly landed in several wikifolios.

Taking Profit: Selling when prices are rising

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Aixtron 5.56% Trend Select Prime
2 HelloFresh 8.72% Trend- & Newstrading Aktienwerte
3 Netflix 7.96% 25 Jahre Börsenerfahrung
4 Thermo Fisher Scientific 6.74% Schlag den Dachs
5 Visa 6.97% Top Unternehmen nach Buffett

The trading pattern of ‘taking profit’ - i.e. selling when the share price is rising - could be observed last week in the case of Aixtron. The stocks of the manufacturer of deposition systems for the semiconductor industry rose by 5.6 % week-on-week and was promptly sold from some wikifolios. The respective traders do not seem to expect further price gains.

Jumping the Ship: Selling when prices are falling

Selling when prices are falling is what characterises the ‘jumping ship’ category. This fate once again struck – as in the previous week – the German copper manufacturer and recycler Aurubis. The performance of their stock has seen a negative trend on a weekly (-6.9 %), monthly (-17.1 %) and annual (-9.4 %) basis. Some wikifolio traders seem to expect further price losses and therefore sold their shares last week.

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