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Hottest Stocks in CW 39/22

During the last week there has been a lot of activity on The stocks of Encavis, Livent, Freyr Battery and Gaussin have been traded particularly heavily. Find out here whether these securities were bought or sold and what the driving forces were.


Fear of Missing Out: Buying when prices rise

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Freyr Battery 5.04% Special Situations long/short
2 Rheinmetall 6.81% UMBRELLA
3 Generall Mills 8.38% Highflyer USA
4 Jungheinrich 6.82% 25 Jahre Börsenerfahrung
5 Fortum 24.88% Relative Staerke Europa

With prices rising, wikifolio traders have been buying Freyr Battery stocks over the last week. The company is an up-and-coming battery manufacturer from Norway. Positive news about the battery plant, which is under construction in Mo i Rana (Norway), has resulted in a rise in their share price. One factor behind this is that the company is currently benefiting greatly from government subsidies, which will enable Freyr to reduce its own investment ratio by 60 %. An additional factor is that Freyr has recently announced the signing of long-term supply contracts for a large part of the plant's production capacity.

Buying the Dip: Buys when prices fall

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Livent -6.22% 2M - Market Momentum
2 Ringmetall -17.38% Europa Finest Selection
3 HeidelbergCement -10.39% PEYOS Beste
4 Advanced Micro Devices -8.33% World's Best Brands
5 Hypoport -54.43% Responsible Investing

Over the last week, wikifolio traders have been betting on the dip - i.e. an imminent turnaround in fortunes – with respect to the lithium company, Livent. A North American lithium company with a 60-year history, Livent’s market capitalisation is € 6.29 billion.

Taking Profit: Selling when prices are rising

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Gaussin 8.68% SystemAlpha Technology Trend
2 artnet 6.69% NEO BOOM 4Kids and Hits ESG
3 Bank of Ireland Group 5.04% Papiertiger
4 Albireo Pharma 11.03% MK Aktienwerte Global
5 Allakos 17.35% MK Aktienwerte Global

wikifolio traders have also seen profits on Gaussin stocks in the last week. The shares of the French developer of hydrogen and electric vehicles for freight and passenger transport recorded a weekly gain of 8.6%. Their share price had previously not been performing well. On an annual basis, it was down almost 30%. Some traders therefore took advantage of the opportunity and sold their stocks when prices rose.

Jumping the Ship: Selling when prices are falling

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Encavis -10.33% Die Dividendenstrategie
2 Verbio -11.32% GreenDeal
3 BioNTech (ADR) -9.30% Intelligent Matrix Trend
4 Upstart Holdings -8.83% Riu Trading
5 Sunrun -13.80% UMBRELLA

During the last week, wikifolio traders have been selling their stocks in the German solar park and wind power plant operator Encavis at a loss. Trader Stefan Krick (Stevox) is still a firm believer in the company: "Encavis is a true growth machine in the renewable energy sector. Both production capacity, sales and profits have risen to record levels. Of course, we are currently benefiting doubly due to the high electricity prices. This allows Encavis to invest even more in new projects and further expand capacity."

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