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Hottest Stocks in CW 26/23

Last week there was a lot of trading activity in relation to Hive Blockchain, Lanxess, Hello Fresh and Enphase Energy stocks. Find out here if they were being bought or sold and what the key factors were.

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Fear of Missing Out with Hive Blockchain

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Hive Digital 29.25% Biological Tech-Future
2 Cegedim 11.41% investresearch stockpicker
3 Marathon Digital 28.51% Refresh
4 Hut 8 Mining 25.88% TITANS
5 MTU Aero Engines 5.29% Ambition Europa und USA

Bitcoin shot up over the past week and a half, hitting a new high for the year of $ 31,458 last Friday. This naturally gave crypto stocks a boost. Hive Digital in particular was in the wikifolio traders' sights. The company focuses on mining and selling digital currencies and saw its share price increase by a whopping 26 % last week. A look at the wikifolio trading sentiment shows a clear tendency towards buying Hive:


Buying the Dip with Lanxess

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Lanxess -17.95% Nordstern Aktien
2 Oracle -5.00% Top Global Brands
3 Roku -10.64% Riu Trading - Relative Stärke
4 Secunet Security -8.42% Technologie & Biotechnologie
5 IBM -5.66% Top Global Brands

A quick glance at the performance indicators of specialty chemicals group Lanxess and it's clear that something is not going according to plan. Their share price is down 16.5% week on week. How this came about is explained by wikifolio trader Christian Scheid (Scheid): "The current quarter is not going as well as expected. The Board has therefore lowered its profit target for the entire year. This caused a knock-on reaction, with their stock plunging to its lowest level since the Corona crash in March 2020." Scheid does not currently hold any Lanxess stock in his Special Situations wikifolio. However, many other wikifolio traders took the share price losses as an opportunity to add to their position.



Key Figures

  • +196.8 %
    since 2012-09-12
  • EUR 744,087.78
    Invested capital
  • -5.0 %
    Performance (1yr)
  • 12.5 %
    Volatility (1yr)
Ø-Perf. per year: 11.2 %

Taking Profit with Hello Fresh

The share price of the mail-order food company Hellofresh rose by almost 20 % at its peak last week. After the redemption of profits, the bottom line achieved a week on week increase of 9.8 %. There are two explanations for the price jump. Firstly, takeover rumours are circulating around the British online food retailer Ocado. It appears that the market is speculating that a buyer could be found for Hellofresh. The second possible performance driver is the first "neutral" rating of the Hellofresh stock by the U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs, with a share price target of € 22.90.

Jumping Ship with Enphase Energy

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Enphase Energy -12.50% firstclass stock picking
2 JinkoSolar Holding -10.68% Responsible Investing
3 Plug Power -12.76% Nordstern
4 ELMOS Semiconductor -8.12% Antizyklisch und Diversifiziert
5 Palantir Technologies -13.83% UMBRELLA

Against a weak backdrop in this sector, last week Enphase Energy lost the ground it had made up in May. The previous crash from late April occurred after quarterly figures and future forecasts disappointed the market. After it initially looked like the stock would slowly fight its way back, last week's losses are a bitter blow.

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