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Hottest Stocks in CW 35/23

Over the past week on the stock market, it was mainly the companies' quarterly figures which led to strong fluctuations in the respective share prices. The market gave a thumbs up or down depending on the strength of the results and/or the outlook. Here you can find out which shares were traded particularly heavily in the last trading week and why.

hottest-shares-of-the-week flame-cw-35

Fear of Missing Out with Nvidia

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Nvidia 6,72% Succestecbrands
2 Tesla 11,26% Top 20 Community Aktien M
3 Shop Apotheke Europe 8,87% PRIVALOR AG  Aktienstrategie XII
4 Yellow Corporation 144,62% Special Situations long/short
5 SFC Energy 6,47% Trend System 4.0

There is probably very little left to say about Nvidia. Despite the supposedly high valuation, its stock, which was boosted by the AI euphoria, continued to fly high last week. The chip specialist's quarterly figures, which were once again significantly better than expected, were responsible for this. After the publication of the results, the share briefly jumped above the $500 mark. Although there was subsequent profit-taking, the performance of the past seven days is nevertheless clearly positive at almost 7 %.

Wilfried Schopges (diamond) has had the stock in his wikifolio Succestecbrands since the spring of 2020. Although he has since sold part of the position he built up back then (most recently in March 2022), Nvidia still has a weighting of just under 8 %. This makes the stock the second-largest player in his portfolio, which was opened over ten years ago, just behind Microsoft, and has since generated an average performance of over 15 % per year.



Key Figures

  • +510.8 %
    since 2013-03-14
  • EUR 1,561,229.91
    Invested capital
  • +33.4 %
    Performance (1yr)
  • 24.1 %
    Volatility (1yr)
Ø-Perf. per year: +15.3 %

Buying the Dip with Foot Locker

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Foot Locker -31,69% Family First
2 Marathon Digital -6,48% Riu Trading
3 Opera (ADR) -9,20% Sustainable Future Leaders
4 Eventim -5,49% KaCo Aktien Selection
5 Deckers Outdoor -5,68% Top Global Brands

Investors were not at all pleased with the outlook presented by Foot Locker in the previous week. The U.S. sporting goods retailer had initially reported that the second quarter was "broadly" in line with expectations, despite the challenges of the current consumer climate. However, sales were still below conservative estimates. In addition, because the company noted a trend relating to the weakening of performance in July, it lowered its overall year-end projections once again. Adjusted earnings per share are now expected to be in the range of $1.30 to $1.50, down from net earnings of $2.00 to $2.25 per share, which was the target that had already been lowered once before in May. The quarterly dividend will be suspended for the time being. In addition, sales are predicted to drop even further than planned.

In addition to weakening demand, industry players are also struggling with increasing shoplifting. Foot Locker's stock lost more than 30 % of its value after the news. Many wikifolio traders took this as an opportunity to buy up stock. A look at the trading sentiment shows the clear buyer bias at Foot Locker in recent days:


Taking Profit with Affirm Holdings

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 UR-Energy 9,23% 365-Tage-Strategie-Brutal
2 Farfetch 12,86% Sustainable Future Leaders
3 BICO GROUP AK B O.N. 5,08% Long Term Vision
4 Affirm Holdings (A) 22,91% CHANCEN SATELLIT
5 Verbio 6,56% Auf dem Holzweg

Affirm Holdings' shares celebrated an impressive comeback last week with a gain of almost 23 %. The provider of "buy-now-pay-later" deals was able to impress with its figures for the transactions carried out on its platforms. As a result, sales also rose by 22 % year-on-year. Affirm benefited, among other things, from newly concluded deals with the travel companies and Cathay Pacific. However, the joy of shareholders who have been invested in the company for some time is likely to be limited by the rise in the share price. The share of the loss-making company had fallen from $117 to below $9 after its high at the end of 2021. Since that low, the price has now doubled again, which some traders have probably used for profit-taking.

Jumping Ship with Siltronic

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Alfen -6,45% Rule-Based-InvestingSmallCap
2 Liveperson -7,12% Riu Trading - Relative Stärke
3 WiseTech Global -12,22% Old Tjikko
4 Siltronic -6,55% Mixture Investing
5 Lumen Technologies -8,28% Carpe Diem

Siltronic's share price was under pressure at the end of the week in the absence of any specific corporate news. The producer of wafers for the chip industry had already presented quarterly figures at the end of July. Overall, the news from the industry in recent days had not been too positive, which could be one reason for the fall. In light of this, some wikifolio traders also preferred to play it safe and divested themselves of the stock.

Ingo Reeps (Checkitout) does not belong to this group of traders. In his wikifolio Special Investments 1, which is trading just below its all-time high, Siltronic remains one of the largest positions. And for good reason. "I am cautiously optimistic about the only Western prime grade wafer manufacturer, especially for 2024," the trader wrote after its Q2 figures. In his opinion, there is likely to be another takeover bid - this time from the US. "As far as I know, the majority shareholder Wacker Chemie still intends to sell," explained Reeps, who is usually a very meticulous analyst of companies. The planned sale of Siltronic to Taiwan failed in early 2022 as it was vetoed by the German Ministry of Trade.



Key Figures

  • +201.8 %
    since 2014-10-16
  • EUR 182,193.26
    Invested capital
  • -0.5 %
    Performance (1yr)
  • 17.4 %
    Volatility (1yr)
Ø-Perf. per year: +13.2 %

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