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Hottest Stocks in CW 48/23

Trading in the stocks of Enphase Energy, TeamViewer, Einhell Germany and Uniper was particularly high last week. Find out here whether they were bought or sold and the factors behind this.


Fear of Missing Out with Enphase Energy

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Süss Micro 9,96% Tradingchancen dt. Nebenwerte
2 Enphase Energy 7,95% Substanz plus Soliditaet
3 Argentina Lithium & Energy 22,62% PPinvest PREMIUM AKTIEN
4 ASEP Medical 36,67% 7daysafter
5 UET 8,92% PPinvest Searching Alpha

Despite the politically driven shift in energy consumption in many countries, so far this year the stock market has been a disaster for major players in the solar industry. When customer demand could hardly be contained in the spring, thanks to the high electricity prices caused by the war, many companies stockpiled supplies. A move which is now proving to be their undoing. The high stock levels are being met with significantly lower demand, a fact which has caused a slump in prices. A month ago, American manufacturer of energy inverters - Enphase Energy - announced forecasted figures for the current quarter that have fallen far short of expectations, causing the price of this stock to plummet once again. Since the beginning of the year, its share price has fallen by more than 70 %.

For a good two weeks now, however, there has been a turnaround in sentiment, at least for Enphase stocks. Although the analysts at Morgan Stanley have lowered their price target from $ 135 to just $ 94, Enphase Energy has recently made gains of 37 %. Many wikifolio traders have also been able to benefit from this and have been snapping up Enphase stocks in recent weeks. A look at the trading sentiment shows a clear buying momentum at Enphase Energy:


Dr Philip Bußmann (LONGLIFE) has been adding significantly to his position in Enphase Energy, which he had built up in several tranches since May, in line with the correction low, so that the share in the popular wikifolio Investment 4.0 is now only slightly into negative territory. With a portfolio share of 3.0 per cent, Enphase Energy is now one of the top 5 stocks in the portfolio.



Key Figures

  • +109.2 %
    since 2017-06-29
  • EUR 1,454,133.79
    Invested capital
  • +21.6 %
    Performance (1yr)
  • 27.8 %
    Volatility (1yr)
Ø-Perf. per year: +7,2 %

Buying the Dip with TeamViewer

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 TeamViewer -9,89% Special Situations
2 Basler -6,35% Firefly
3 Northern Dynasty Minerals -10,47% Dividendenstrategie 2.0
4 Drägerwerk (VZ) -7,42% Kurschancen bei Turnaround-Kandidaten
5 Medpace Holdings -19,54% Top Global Healthcare

Over the last week, TeamViewer stock has come under further pressure with a drop of almost 10 %. At its lowest point, the stock was down by as much as 14 % after the financial investor Permira sold additional shares in the software provider at a price of just € 13.90 per share. As a result, the major shareholder's stake fell from around 21 % to just under 14 %. For a trader who has been operating very successfully at for many years (unfortunately not with an investable portfolio) under the pseudonym Albert Einstein, this makes the stock a "takeover candidate". Dirk Middendorf (carpediem7), who is also highly experienced and successful, is also very optimistic. In his wikifolio Carpe diem Aktientrading, which is at an all-time high, TeamViewer is now the leading stock following further purchases in the previous week.



Key Figures

  • +355.3 %
    since 2014-08-29
  • EUR 4,337,530.97
    Invested capital
  • +11.8 %
    Performance (1yr)
  • 11.4 %
    Volatility (1yr)
Ø-Perf. per year: 17,1 %

Taking Profit with Einhell Germany

It has been around six weeks since Einhell Germany had to admit that it would not be able to achieve its sales forecast for the 2022/23 financial year, which ended in September, when it presented its preliminary financial figures. This was due to the warehouse clearance of many customers. However, things are set to improve again in the current 2023/24 financial year. This may also have been one of the reasons why the share price, which had fallen significantly in the run-up to the announcement, did not suffer any lasting damage as a result of the gloomy outlook. Another positive development was that the tool manufacturer was able to significantly reduce its bank liabilities. With a week-on-week increase of almost 8 %, the stock, which is listed on the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange, has now built up a gain of over 25% since its all-time low on 23 October. Some traders are likely to have used this rally to take profits, as the current trading sentiment for Einhell shows:


Jumping the Ship with Uniper

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Palantir Technologies -6,61% Perspektive Wasserstoff KI 1.0
2 HelloFresh -7,48% Calvet Research Bewertung&Trends
3 Uniper -10,02% Simplex
4 ElringKlinger -6,11% ML ACTIV BALANCE
5 u-blox Holding -9,85% Trend- und Selektions-Strategie

The energy supplier Uniper is still on a downward trend. Even the intervening attempts at recovery have not been able to do much to change this. Over the course of the week, the share price has once again slumped by double digits. Fittingly, the company announced late on Sunday evening that, following a court ruling, it would have to make an additional payment of an estimated € 550 million to another European energy company, which will heavily impact on their annual profits. The respective court proceedings are in connection with, among other things, the price control clauses in a long-term contract for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The Group is now considering a possible appeal against the judgement. Some wikifolio traders had already played it safe in advance and sold the share. Top trader Christian Scheid (Scheid), who had already labelled the share a "clear short candidate" three weeks ago, did not invest at all. Since then, Uniper's share price has fallen by 17 %.

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