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You have questions about the basics on wikifolio or the key figures we present on the wikifolio detail pages? You want to know how you can invest money with wikifolios or how you can become a wikifolio trader? Here we have detailed answers for you. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Basics on wikifolio

Key figures for wikifolios

Investing money in wikifolio certificates*

Becoming a wikifolio trader**

Trading on wikifolio

General information

*Currently only available for residents of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Important Note: The information on the wikifolio index certificates constitutes neither an individual investment recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments. This applies in particular to countries in which such an offer to buy or sell is not permitted. For further information, please refer to our General Terms & Conditions.

**The information in these subsections is intended soley for private use by individuals who are residents in a country of the European Union, in Switzerland or in Norway.

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