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With wikifolio investors from all over the world get unique insights into European stocks and trading ideas. They can even create their own virtual portfolio and compare their performance to top traders. Free of charge.

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Thomas Schreyer


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Sebastian Götz

Technology Outperformance

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Arne Briest

Healthcare Demography

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Collage of top wikifolio traders during the tradershoot 2021

Meet the wikifolio traders

Enjoy the backing of the wikifolio traders: Real people, who enjoy sharing their knowledge and trading strategies with our community.

Among them are for example full time investors and successful entrepreneurs, as well as experts from different sectors, portfolio managers and financial editors.

Learn more about the traders

It’s so easy: Just 3 simple steps



Register for free and become a member of the wikifolio community, where you can view all wikifolios and track their performance.



Using the intuitive search function, find and select the wikifolio that most closely matches your interests and personal convictions. Visit the wikifolio blog for even more insights.


Create & compare

Use your newly gained insights and try out your own trading idea based on European stocks. Create a wikifolio yourself and compare yourself to Europe's top traders.

Selected wikifolios

Looking for inspiration? Have a look at these selected wikifolios.

Trendfolge&TradingDennis Raute
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wikifolio chart: Trendfolge&Trading
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Ø Perf. per year
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wikifolio chart: Cybersecurity Innovators
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Ø Perf. per year
Perf. since beginning
wikifolio chart: Globale Familienunternehmen
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Get more insights

Find out which stocks were bought and sold lately in particular large numbers by European traders and their motives. And read more about the currently hottest stocks on the wikifolio blog

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What is a wikifolio certificate*?

In some European countries (currently in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) investors can not only view wikifolios but also purchase wikifolio certificates* at the stock exchange. The basis for a wikifolio certificate* is an index which represents the performance of a wikifolio run by a wikifolio trader on a 1:1 basis.

Conditions for wikifolio certificates*: fair and transparent


fixed certificate* fee per annum

Calculated on a daily basis from the invested capital.

from 5%

performance fee

Applies only when a new high watermark has been reached, on the difference between the old and the new high watermark.

What others say about us

"Disruptive technologies are in the process of undermining the business model of established banks. They are being deployed by the Facebooks, Googles and wikifolios of this world."

"Initially ridiculed, wikifolios have become a real alternative for investors."

"Are you satisfied with your bank advisor? If you can't answer the question with a resounding yes, you should take a look at the website."

The benefits of investing in wikifolio certificates*

Number of trading ideas, green

Individual trading strategies

wikifolio traders provide a range of individual trading strategies, which you can use for your own investments.

Exchange traded and collateralized, pear

Free collateralization

All wikifolio certificates* are listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and are collateralized free of charge.

Easily available through the bank, teal

Directly through your bank

Simply invest directly via your bank or use your online broker.

Suitable for any purse, grey

You determine the amount you invest

wikifolio is open to everyone, whether you have EUR 100 or 100,000 to invest.

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*Currently only available for residents of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Important Note: The information on the wikifolio index certificates constitutes neither an individual investment recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments. This applies in particular to countries in which such an offer to buy or sell is not permitted. For further information, please refer to our General Terms & Conditions.

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