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One step ahead

We don’t have to do everything ourselves in life! Follow established trading strategies and achieve the same performance: that’s how wikifolio works.

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Established trading strategies become yours

Whether, for example, full time investors and successful entrepreneurs, or experts from different sectors, portfolio managers and financial editors: They all share their trading ideas in virtual portfolios (wikifolios) on For popular wikifolios, there’s a corresponding certificate* which provides you with the same performance in your own portfolio. It’s ever so simple and can be done via your bank or online broker.

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Join us free of charge and become a part of the wikifolio community to gain access to all information relating to wikifolios. View and track the performance of wikifolios. Accessible, transparent, and available 24-7. 

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Find “your” wikifolios

Select the wikifolio that most closely matches your interests and personal convictions. Select either: 

  • "Discover wikifolios": a selection of currently exciting trading ideas
  • "Find wikifolios": use individual search criteria and filters, which match your needs.
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Follow wikifolios

Add “your” wikifolios to your watchlist. Your personal news feed is then created according to your interests, giving you an insight into trading ideas, the wikifolio traders behind them and market opportunities.

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After you have chosen your wikifolio, you can invest in the corresponding wikifolio certificate*. Each wikifolio certificate* has its own ISIN which can be found on the wikifolio detail page. This can be used to invest directly via your bank or online broker.

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Your own personal news feed

What’s happening on the market? What are the wikifolio traders’ views on current developments? Your personal news feed is tailored to your interests and provides you with daily updates.

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Conditions for wikifolio certificates*: fair and transparent


fixed certificate* fee per annum

Calculated on a daily basis from the invested capital.

from 5%

performance fee

Applies only when a new high watermark has been reached, on the difference between the old and the new high watermark.

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Any questions? We are there to support you.

Have a look at our FAQ or just send us an e-mail or give us a call.

*Currently only available for residents of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Important Note: The information on the wikifolio index certificates constitutes neither an individual investment recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments. This applies in particular to countries in which such an offer to buy or sell is not permitted. For further information, please refer to our General Terms & Conditions.

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