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What does 'wikifolio certificates are collateralized' mean?

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In brief:

With certificates, some investors face the question of issuer risk (what happens if the issuing company cannot meet its payment obligations?). All wikifolio certificates are extensively hedged against this risk. This collateralization solution is free of charge for you as an investor.

In detail:

Where can I find the collateralization conditions for each wikifolio certificate?

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  • Collateralization is contractually agreed for all wikifolio certificates. For wikifolio certificates issued after March 8, 2017, there is a corresponding section in the respective base prospectus which gives information about the collateralization. A description of the collateralization can also be found in the custodial reports.
  • The current base prospectus can be viewed on Lang & Schwarz’s website.
  • Custodial reports can also be viewed on Lang & Schwarz’s website.
The current base prospectusCustodial reports

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