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as of July 3rd 2016, extended March 7th 2022 for residents from the United States of America

The information on the websites of the wikifolio Financial Technologies AG (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) is intended solely for private use by individuals who are residents in a country of the European Union, in Switzerland, in Norway or in the United States of America. The Company assumes no responsibility with regard to the information on these websites being suitable for use in other locations. Users who access this site from other locations do so on their own initiative and at their own risk. The company assumes no assurance and guarantee that this website or the information contained on it is in accordance with the laws of these locations.

The Lang & Schwarz TradeCenter AG & Co. KG calculates its own prices for financial instruments as part of electronic trading. These prices as well as the wikifolio virtual portfolios created by licensors who have concluded an effective license agreement with the Company are made available by the Company on their websites for private use only and without any guarantee for completeness, correctness and accuracy. Information is partly shown with a time delay (usually up to 15 minutes).

The stock market and economic information, rates, indices, prices, news, general market data as well as the results and wikifolio virtual portfolios generated and displayed using the presentation tools contained in the website of the Company serve the exclusive purpose of information for the visitors of wikifolio.com and do not constitute investment advice or any other form of recommendation. The Company expressly does not adopt these contents; they do not represent the opinion of the Company.

The Company or the respectively specified provider or manufacturer own the copyright or other intellectual property rights to all websites, including layout, source code, software and their contents. The use of these contents by third parties is prohibited and is subject to the prior written consent of the holder of the rights.

The spreading of slander, defamatory statements or statements that damage business, contents of an advertising nature and posts with illegal contents in the wikifolio.com blog or other forums offered by the Company is prohibited. Market manipulation and any attempt for this purpose are prohibited. This is, inter alia, regulated by the Market Abuse Regulation (Regulation [EU] no. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 concerning market abuse).

The Company reserves the right to delete or disable such content at any time and to exclude members from using the wikifolio.com blog or any other forums offered by the Company.

The retrieval, copying, storing, editing and adapting of the web pages, their contents or the results generated or displayed through the presentation tools results, in whole or in part, may only be done for private, non-commercial use. Copyright notices and brand names or other proprietary notices may neither be changed nor removed. All actions beyond this require a prior written approval by the Company. Actions that are carried out under a separate publishing and usage contract concluded with the Company remain unaffected thereby.

The retrieval of the information kept available may only be done in a manner which does not adversely affect other visitors’ use of the wikifolio online offering on their websites.

The setting up of links from other websites to one of the websites belonging to this online offering without the prior written consent of the Company is expressly prohibited; in the event that the Company requests a linking up of the user, such consent shall be deemed granted. It is, in particular, not permissible to integrate or represent the websites belonging to this online offering or their content via a link in a partial window (frame).

The Company assures you that your personal information is collected, stored and treated with the utmost care and diligence and in compliance with the applicable laws. The Company points out that cookies are used during the visit of wikifolio.com. The user herewith expressly consents to the storage and processing of personal data and the use of cookies.

The website may only be used by persons of legal age. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the user acknowledges that they have reached the age of 18.

A use by automatic and/or automated reading or another similar method is prohibited. Automatic and/or automated interactions (for example, via API) are only permitted after prior written consent of the Company.

Disclaimer concerning wikifolio Virtual Portfolios and Securities

The information listed on the websites of the Company, in particular wikifolio virtual portfolios, securities and any comments thereto serve exclusively informational purposes and neither constitute an individual investment recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments. This applies especially to countries where such an offer to buy or sell is unlawful. They are merely intended to facilitate an independent investment decision of the visitor and are not a substitute for investor and investment specific advice. In particular, the wikifolio certificates and other securities have not been registered pursuant to the United States Security Act 1933 and may not be offered or sold within the United States of America or to US persons or to their account or for the benefit of US persons. The securities have not been registered according to the applicable securities regulations of Australia, Canada or Japan and are neither offered nor sold in Australia, Canada, nor in Japan or to persons who are residents of Australia, Canada or Japan.

The information used in the preparation has been carefully compiled. A guarantee for the accuracy and completeness can, however, not be assumed. Assessments and valuations reflect the opinions of the author at the time of creating the composition. Displayed performance key figures of the respective wikifolio certificates refer to past performance. From this, future performance cannot be deduced.

The wikifolio virtual portfolios listed on the websites of the Company and any comments are protected by copyright.

Information About Possible Conflicts of Interest:

The Company and its affiliated companies hold at least one percent of share capital in the Company or the companies whose securities are the subject of provided contents, in particular views, assessments or evaluations, or can hold a corresponding participating interest. Also corporate bodies, managers and employees may hold shares or positions in terms of securities or financial products which are the subject of pricing decisions. Corporate bodies or employees may also perform Supervisory Board functions for issuers whose securities are the subject of pricing decisions.

Limitation of Liability:

To the extent permitted by law, the Company shall only be liable for intent and gross negligence. The liability for slight negligence is excluded. Any liability for lost profits, indirect or consequential damages is excluded.

Other Provisions:

Austrian law applies to the exclusion of Private International Law (PIL) and the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

The exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Vienna is agreed upon.

Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

License Agreement

for the publication of virtual portfolios on wikifolio.com