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Diverse, yet individual

Behind wikifolios are real people, who share their trading strategies with you and the community – many of them have been doing so for years, closely following each investment trend.

Collage of top wikifolio traders during the tradershoot 2021

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Full time investors and successful entrepreneurs for example, as well as experts from different sectors, portfolio managers and financial editors all share their trading ideas on Our traders are real people with different backgrounds, providing a wealth of knowledge and trading ideas which you can use and benefit from yourself. 

Philipp Haas: Success with second line stocks

Portrait of wikifolio Trader Philipp Haas

Size is not everything. Growth scores on the stock market. No wonder, then, that second line stocks have been generating higher returns on average than blue chips for years. A simple comparison between the SDAX and the DAX proves this. Philipp Haas also relies on this. With the help of a specially developed valuation method, he selects the most attractive second line stocks in Europe for his wikifolio of the same name. Handpicked and diversified, the performance advantage over the EuroStoxx 50 has been growing steadily since 2012. Outperformance? Easily done.

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Jennifer Rasch: Focus on sustainability

Portrait of wikifolio Trader Jennifer Rasch

Money is power. Jennifer Rasch knows that. That's precisely why it makes sense to invest in companies that match your own values. When selecting - to her standards - sustainable and ecologically-ethical investments for her wikifolio, she doesn't cut any corners. She selects stocks for the wikifolio Nachhaltig und Optimiert using a self developed model based on mathematical principles. So diversification and optimization is done automatically according to risk-return aspects. Which securities will make to cut for her wikifolio? See for yourself.

Stefan Waldhauser: The tech sector expert

Portrait of wikifolio Trader Stefan Waldhauser

Wherever you see the name Stefan Waldhauser, you can expect to find top- tech. The former entrepreneur worked in the industry himself for years before successfully selling his company to Silicon Valley. He therefore knows this sector better than almost anyone else. Today he is a full time investor and manages the wikifolio High-Tech Stock Picking. That’s a lesson in how to invest successfully in technology stocks over the long term!

Christian Jagd: The largest wikifolio of all

Portrait of wikifolio trader Christian Jagd

Christian Jagd leaves nothing to chance: Since March 2014, he has successfully navigated his wikifolio Intelligent Matrix Trend through every market situation. A self-programmed trading tool supports him with analysis and timing questions. Almost everything is allowed in his portfolio, there are only a few limits. And this flexibility pays off: With his wikifolio, Jagd leaves even the high flyers of the US technology exchange Nasdaq far behind in terms of performance. No wonder investors trust him. Intelligent Matrix Trend is currently the most popular wikifolio of all.

Dirk Althaus: Performance with security technology

Portrait of wikifolio trader Dirk Althaus

Cybersecurity is far more than just classic virus protection. Dirk Althaus knows this and has been buying the best that the emerging sector has to offer since the beginning of 2017. One takes a trending area, combines it with stock picking and a good sprinkling of flexibility and you have the ingredients for the top wikifolio, Cybersecurity Innovators. With this special formula, it even outperforms the US technology exchange Nasdaq, the toughest benchmark the stock market has to offer.

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Why it’s worth following wikifolio traders

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Diversity: our recipe for success

With a diverse community of traders, no matter what the investment topic – one of our wikifolio traders is pretty sure to be following it already.

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Making it personal

With our wikifolio traders’ personal profiles, which includes information about their background and links to all their wikifolios.

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Offering you transparency

With 24-7 access to your portfolio and to all Buys and Sells in a wikifolio.

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Helping you to stay up to date

With the valued comments and opinions of wikifolio traders – in their wikifolios, on the wikifolio blog and on social media.

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